Renewable Energy Use

Promoting the right to clean energy for women

Footsteps Africa empower rural  women to adopt and use renewable energy technologies. This is done trough the following key strategies:

  • Production and Marketing of Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves:

Women are trained in manufacturing fuel efficient cook stoves as an enterprise activity to help in reducing women’s energy demanding work load. This is both time and cost efficient. The stoves further contribute to decrease firewood usage by more than 40 percent which help conservation of forest life.

  • Production and Marketing of Off-Grid Refrigerators:

Rural unbanked women are facing a big challenge on how to keep their vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period of time. For example, a vegetable vendor is forced to reduce the price of the vegetable stock since she does not have a facility to keep them fresh. Similarly, a woman at home may have to dump her vegetables which have dried owing to a lack of refrigeration and hence loses her hard earned money. To help solve this,  Footsteps Africa promotes production and adoption of off-grid refrigerators.

Impact of our Renewable Energy Project

  • 40 rural unbanked women from 2 VSL groups trained in production and marketing of fuel efficient cook stoves
  • 3234 fuel efficient cook stoves produced and sold
  • Linked the group to a contract buyer-MAEVI
  • Increased household income of participating women
  • Reduced household expenditure on fire wood
  • 2345 households adopted the fuel efficient cook stoves
  • Reduced women’s time poverty in regards to cooking and firewood collection