Affordable Water Solution Project

In Malawi, access to clean and safe water is still a big challenge to many rural women. Women are forced to travel long distances only to fetch unsafe water, while on the same time they are losing precious time, which they could have used for productive activities.

To address this issue, we introduced the Rope-Pump technology which is locally manufactured and affordable to rural households, so as to bring clean and safe water close to rural women’s households.

key strategies:

  • Low cost water technologies: Rope pumps
  • Low cost manual drilling (manual percussion)
  • We trained youths  to fabricate low cost Rope-Pumps as a self-employment
  • We trained  youths in  manual drilling as a self-employment
  • Education and training on sanitation and hygiene
  • Mobilizing rural women to adopt low cost sanitation and hygiene facilities
  • We provided access to safe and clean water to 1230 rural disadvantaged families

Impact of Footsteps Africa  Affordable Water Solution Project:

  • 120 households are accessing safe and clean water through low cost Rope Pumps
  • Reduced time poverty for women as they draw water within their homestead
  • Created self-employment for 12 youths fabricating low cost water technologies and undertaking manual drilling
  • Drilled 15 low cost Rope Pump Wells
  • 10 open hand-dug wells improved with Rope Pumps