Social Accountability

Influencing Power Structures to be Responsive to the Rights of Women

Footsteps Africa promotes advocacy work that help women and adolescent youths to challenge existing power structures and systems, gender inequalities, harmful cultural practices and domestic violence, as well as a lack of maternal health care in rural areas. All which are posing an obstacle to the fulfillment of women’s socio-economic rights. Our advocacy work is carried out on a regional, district, and governmental level.

Key strategies:

  • Capacity building to help women demand their rights
  • Media engagement to disseminate rights issues affecting women
  • Engaging power structures to influence their decisions in favor of women
  • Mobilizing women to engage Duty Bearers
  • Community mobilization, awareness and education on women’s rights
  • Interface meetings between rights holders and duty bearers
  • Empowering community structures to hold into account local government services

Impact of our Social Accountability work 

  • Built the capacity of women’s circles on lobbying for women’s rights issue
  • Empowered community civic groups to develop service charters with their  local Health Centers