About Us

Welcome to Footsteps Africa

Footsteps Africa  is a local NGO in Malawi, established in 2015. We are based in Blantyre.Our work focuses on empowering rural disadvantaged women, children and adolescent youths   to claim their rights and access essential services.


Footsteps Africa was incorporated in Malawi in 2016 under the company Act of 1984 and registered under the NGO BOARD ACT of Malawi in 2016.

Our Vision

Prosperous rural women, children and youth with capacity to claim fulfillment of their social and economic rights.


To work at the intersection of poverty and gender and build the livelihoods capabilities and opportunities of rural poor women, children and adolescent Youth while working with the civil society sector to promote accountable institutions in Malawi.


Integrity: We are trustworthy and do what we say we will do with transparency, accountability, and stewardship.

Dedication:  We are responsible and reliable partners dedicated to our vision and mission of work.

Transparency: Our information is accessible for sharing while respecting the privacy rights of our partners.

Continuous Improvement: We are open to adopt new learning.

Where We Work

  1. Livelihoods and Markets for Women
  2. Women’s and Adolescent  Health
  3. Affordable WASH
  4. Quality Education for Rural Children
  5. Social Accountability
  6. Research and Innovation

 For more information see our strategy plan or contact us.

Rural marginalize women, children and adolescent youth in Malawi constitute most of the income poor, and are vulnerable, excluded, and poorly represented in Malawi’s society.  and are majority victims of gender-based violence. At the heart of Footsteps Africa is to work with these three vulnerable groups of people to contribute to the reduction of intergeneration poverty prevalence in rural communities in Malawi.

Furthermore, studies have shown that when focusing on women as entrepreneurs and business owners, their health, the children in the household are more likely to stay in school, contributing not only to her empowerment, but also lays the ground for future generations.

Similarly, Footsteps Africa collaborate with the wider civil society in Malawi to challenge and change power structures and harmful social-cultural practices that trap women, children and adolescent youths in poverty and marginalization.